Share Accounts

Our basic savings account is called a share account because by meeting the first $1.00 requirement, you become an owner in the credit union by having one share of the business. As long as you maintain a $1.00 balance, you retain your membership and have all the rights and privileges that membership entails.

Day-in, day-out dividends are compounded and posted to the accounts each quarter. Dividend rates are declared by the board of directors and are based on the credit union earnings.

Checking Accounts

1. No Minimum Balance and No Monthly Service Charge.
2. Easier to use – Automatic carbon copies of your checks. No need to fill in check stubs – no neglected entries.
3. Inexpensive – Compare our service charges with bank service charges.
4. Convenience – Payroll deduction is available – ABA No. 243385485 … contact us for your ACH account number
5. Protection – Automatic overdraft protection – ask for details.
6. Dividends – Quarterly dividends